The Most Popular Types of Flooring

When it comes to flooring, there are limitless options available to suit any living space. With this much variety to choose from, selecting flooring can become a very daunting task. When most people begin to review flooring options they become overwhelmed and the entire process becomes stressful. However, knowing the basics of different popular flooring types can take the confusion and stress out of this process.

Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring can encompass a wide range of options. Traditional hardwood flooring is made from wood and timber products and can be solid or engineered. Solid wood floors are the floors seen in historical buildings- this type of flooring was originally used for structural purposes, but is now used solely because of its appearance. Engineered wood flooring is comprised of at least two layers of real wood which comprise a plank. Often laminate, veneer and even vinyl flooring is confused for engineered wood flooring. It is important to remember that engineered wood flooring is wood on all layers, while these other forms of flooring may only have a thin coating of wood, or may not be wood at all.

Hardwood floors are extremely popular for several reasons. First is appearance. The warm glow of wooden floors cannot be matched. Also, wooden floors are easier to clean than carpet and can give a home a spacious, clean look. But, hardwood floors do have their disadvantages as well. The biggest disadvantage is price. Due to the fact that real wood is used for these floors, the price tends to be substantially higher than other materials. In addition to this, special care needs to be taken when maintaining wood floors. Care has to be taken to avoid scratching the surface of the wood, and not all household cleaners are safe for use on these floors.

Alternatives to Traditional Hardwood Flooring

Given these pitfalls, alternative materials that give the appearance of wood without all the disadvantages are extremely popular. Flooring of this type can be made out of a wide range of materials and there are several popular materials to choose from.

The most widely used floors of this type are laminate. Laminate flooring creates the warm look of hardwood flooring, but is not solid wood. Instead of using wood, laminate floors use a synthetic material that closely resembles wood. As a result, these floors are much cheaper than traditional wood flooring, and often homeowners can even install this type of flooring by themselves. Another alternative that has a pleasing appearance is bamboo flooring. The appearance of bamboo flooring closely resembles wood, but bamboo is not comprised of timber- it is a plant product. Because bamboo grows much quicker than timber, bamboo floors have a great reputation as being eco-friendly and green.

Non-Wood Flooring

For those not seeking a hardwood appearance, there are also numerous popular options, which include carpet, linoleum, and even cork. Cork floors provide a fun and unique alternative to wood and tile. With its unique and trendy look, cork floors can completely transform an area and create a welcoming and fun atmosphere. This flooring product is not only sustainable, but it is also easily recyclable, making it incredibly eco-friendly and green. Cork also has natural insulating properties, and can help reduce heating and cooling bills. Its innate flexibility makes it comfortable to stand on, and it is becoming increasingly popular for kitchen flooring.

Linoleum is also a popular choice for kitchens, bathrooms and other high traffic areas. Linoleum is typically very easy to install and provides pleasing surfaces available in a wide range of patterns and textures. Linoleum is extremely easy to clean, and is probably the most convenient flooring choice. Due to the ease of installation, replacing a linoleum floor is easy and these floors can be updated to reflect changes in style and desired visual appearance with ease. The variety of patterns and even textures that are available are simply amazing. No matter the motif of a room, perfectly accenting linoleum can be found. In addition to great aesthetics, linoleum is also usually the most cost effective choice for flooring.

Carpet is traditionally the most used floor covering. Carpeting has the benefit of feeling nice on the feet, and does not retain a cold feeling as tile and wood can. Carpeting comes in a large range of colors, textures and thickness and can beautifully accent any room. However, carpet is notorious for being hard to clean and is becoming increasingly shunned by pet owners and parents of small children due to this. It can be nearly impossible to get odors and stains out of carpets, and even a small juice spill can have a devastating effect on a carpeted room.

There is a vast array of popular floor coverings available that can accent and improve the visual aspects of any room. Depending on individual needs, it can be fun and easy to choose a floor covering that will look great and provide excellent footing for any room.

Money-wise, make sure to consider buying your floors through a wholesaler and saving some extra mone.